One Year Later


Greetings loveliest. Today is a very special day to me because I’ll be sharing photos of me one year after a very long blogging break. Well, as time passed I’ve grown not only physically but maturity too. I’ve also had time to rediscover and nurture my spiritual growth, Bonding moments with my beloved and lastly more time to understand what fashion really entails. I have learnt a lot from experiences that I have gone through, finally got to understand that living and survival is the hardest part in this life.. But I say, make fun and excitement in everything you partake. And seriously though, discover your inner and spiritual self first. I won’t promise a smooth ride but it will get easier as you reach your destination. 


Wearing: Blazer and Pants both by H&M, DIY Bustier.

Have a great week ahead. See you soon ☺


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer😘 says:

    Carole i love your AMAZING work!!…keep it up..i now know where ill get fashion advice😃


    1. Awww, Thanks Jennifer. Anytime you want, halla and I’ll be glad to help you dear ☺


  2. patricia nyambura says:

    you look beautiful .. wow really proud of you…. I love your fashion statement


  3. Evelyne Gathoni says:

    that’s great dear. you’re back again. can’t wait you to direct Me on fashion. Cheers


    1. Awwww, I will be glad to dear


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