Happy weekend everyone!
The photos were taken a while back, around two months ago and even though lighting was so poor i loved how the outfit worked so well, according to me.
Full skirts are so easy, classy and full of grown, straight up to business, making them perfect for official errands.
Last week, I spent most of my time going through shopping sites and came across this blog, how wonderful and captivating it is!

Currently coverting this awesome bucket bag i saw somewhere and a nice pair of strappy sandals, who knows, santa might come in early.
Still working on my natural hair post, coming up in a few days time. Whoop!

Wearing Skirt and top both DIY. Shoes- Backyard shoes


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Anita says:

    You look awesome :-). I love the outfit


  2. Ms. Shee Art says:

    beautiful post Carol 🙂


  3. Angela says:



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