Wooden Closet Hair Part II

2015-10-27 10.36.13(1)

Hey guys!!

It’s been a while,but I’m back with a new post about my hair. It has done some growing the past few months, and I’m loving the results. OK, lets be real, maintaining natural hair is a task. And i have found myself at the blink of giving up and nearly relaxing it. 

Good thing is, I have found a few ways of dealing with the tangling, dryness and breakage. I have been extremely careful with applying heat on my hair (blow drying,tongs and flat irons) and when combing/detangling, I start from the ends to the root. I advise on using a wide-toothed comb and avoid combing when its dry.

2015-10-24 18.30.02

Braid your hair. Braids help your hair because you are not aggravating your hair with heating products and chemicals and plus they are so cute. Once braided, one can easily style and the best part is, it will protect your hair for a few weeks

Avoid putting stress on scalp. Really tight braids breaks hair off and really tight ponytails do as well. Loosen up and be aware that the scalp is sensitive. Don’t try to toughen it! It won’t work.


Use products that work for you. Try to avoid heavy gels and hairsprays. Try natural oils, like olive, coconut, jojoba, and avocado. If you have really dry hair you can try heavier oils like castor oil.

  • Use vegetable or animal-based oils. Avoid using mineral oils and petroleum jelly which can clog the pores in your scalp and do not absorb well into your hair.


Personally, i prefer using coconut oil. Most people hate it for it’s smell but it does work it’s magic and, the smell doesn’t last that long.. Cover it with some nice perfume and your nice to go!

Stay tuned for part 3!! For those who are new, read part one Here.




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