Bandana Love

hey guys..

Long time! i know, it’s been a while but hopefully i’m back on track after a few setbacks, including losing my camera hence making it hard for me to shoot outfits for the blog. Anyway, i found a photographer(phew) and a good one at it. Introducing Stephen , he’ll be taking my photos from now on.

Last week i was on my way to Ol Donyo Sabuk to hunt for locations to shoot when we had a puncture. Sadly, we didn’t have a spare so we hard to tow the vehicle to the nearest tyre center and that’s when we found Kingsway tyre center at ananas mall.

They are authorized importers and re sellers of Michelin and BF Goodrich tires, offer wheel alignment, balancing and tyre check ups.. The service was excellent, even the manager allowed us to take photos as they attended to our vehicle(awesome right?)

Bandanas are back and I’m loving the new trend. So many ways to rock it, my favourite is Channel Rosie the Riveter. The only bit of hair that shows in this vintage-inspired ‘do is the front at the crown. You can either make a pouf by teasing the hair at the crown for volume, or style simple, sleek bangs.

Wearing : Pants- Stalls, Top- Thrifted, Sneakers- Woolworths man

There is something nice about shoes lined up, be sure to stay tuned dearies.
Carole. 💖


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