Merry Ho-Ho

2015-12-04 23.38.08

A week and a few days to Christmas, yaaaaaaay! This is the most celebrated season of the year. I feel very blessed to be surrounded by people who celebrate their birthdays on this month too. I Pray that you have a great festive season. 

2015-12-15 12.29.04

Don’t we all have resolutions for the coming year? Whoa! personally I cannot wait for 2016. 2015 should end already. I feel like I should have done more this year but what’s left to do? why not drag the remaining resolutions to 2016 list?

Photos by shiku of spy lense photography

2015-12-15 00.08.13

Few weeks ago, i had the pleasure to have a spa date at Black and Gold Executive Kinyozi

The service was awesome and the team over there is just amazing, never got such a massage! Don’t we all love a cup of coffee (juice, water, etc..) while waiting to be attended for? This should be your ideal barber shop gentlemen.


As always, i’m working on wooden closet hair post, should be live soon. In the meantime, if you didn’t read previous posts, catch them Here and Here . Feel free to comment below your Christmas gift ideas, planning to have a Christmas/new years giveaway.. Your idea might be it .

(wearing: pants- similar here , shoes- stalled, top-same worn here  accessories- all from trendypieceske )

later lovelies!



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