That Colo nice – Day 10


Sometimes scented bathing soaps and  deodorants aren’t enough to deal with body sweat and odor and only a nice Cologne can go a long way.
There’s several ways in which such Can be acquired..

1. Wear cologne at the appropriate times. Cologne is not necessary at work, but it’s generally acceptable. A big event, such as a wedding, funeral, party, or night out on the town, might easily call for cologne

2. Apply the cologne to your pulse points. These are the areas of your body that produce a lot of body heat. The heat will cause the fragrance to continue to smell good all day long. If you just put the cologne on your clothes, it may not be detectable for long.

For the gentleman.. Consider the chest. This is a great place to apply cologne, since it scents your shirt and provides a nice burst of scent to whomever you might end up hugging.

4. Keep it clear of areas where you sweat excessively. If you tend to get body odor, don’t use cologne as a way to mask it. Less appealing smells don’t mix well with cologne, so it’s best not to layer it on in the wrong areas.

Keep in mind.. Choose one or two spots. You don’t have to put cologne on every pulse point; in fact, if you do so your scent will probably be overwhelming for those around you. Choose a few spots, and keep it subtle.

And finally…

5. Don’t rub it in. This changes way the cologne smells and makes the scent go away faster. Instead of rubbing the cologne, just spray or dab it on and let it dry on the skin.


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