Spa date ♨ – Day 12


Massage therapy is an established form of bodywork increasingly sought by clients who desire approaches to pain relief, postural realignment and relaxation.


Massage a week leaves the body feeling relaxed and envigorated.. Agree with me? Well, 91% view it as beneficial to health and wellness..


Massage therapy can temporarily alleviate symptoms — or it can achieve long-term results and bring about authentic healing. What do you think makes the difference?


It also helps increase circulation while reducing muscle tension, inflammation and stiffness. It can be used to help knotted muscles and also manage or prevent general aches and pain

Pictured : serenity spa, wearing dress by she by njesh design and sweater – Thrift


OH yeah!!

Are you in Thika? And in need of a professional massage? Visit Serenity spa located at Thika Bazaar (pizza Inn, blend building), second floor, left wing or reaches them via and 0716 406 827- Maish

Read my previous post here and have a blessed weekend!


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